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How to Study the Bible Like a Pro

“This is an excellent course! I’ve known Bruce for several years and am continually impacted by his wisdom and communication skills.  Even though I’m a pastor and took an entire course on Hermeneutics, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a lot.  I encourage you to take this class.  Digest it.  And be changed by it.  Your time will not be wasted. It’s well done from top to bottom!”

Chad Moore

Senior Pastor, LifePark Church

“How to Study the Bible like a Pro is a fantastic course for any believer who wants to become a better interpreter of God’s Word and as a result grow closer to God. There are many things I enjoy about the content but what I like most is that it gives you a framework to work from when you’re trying to increase your interpretative ability. This course is easy to understand, delivered well, and will be part of the training for small group leaders at our church for a long time.”

Noah Reid

Groups Director, LifePark Church

“I can’t begin to express how valuable this course has been.  It’s obvious that Bruce has put in a tremendous amount of work to prepare this fantastic series and I am so grateful for that.  This course has given me the practical and easy-to-apply tools I need to interpret the Bible for myself.  As a result I now find it so incredibly empowering to be able to confidently dig deep into difficult passages and actually enjoy the process of interpretation. Trust me. This course will give you a new and clearer lens with which to study your Bible. You’ll be glad you took it.”

Dr. Amir Rashidian

Owner, Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic Center

The 7 Modules in Your Free “How to Study The Bible Like a Pro” Course

Week 1 = Introduction and Overview 

Week 2 = Interpretation I: Learning to Be a Master Interpreter 

Week 3 = Interpretation II: Getting Clear on Genre Implications 

Week 4 = Observation: Improving Your Ability to See What’s Really In The Text 

Week 5 = Research: Leveraging the Secret to Becoming a Brilliant Interpreter 

Week 6 = Interpretation: Getting Good At Deciding What the Text Meant 

Week 7 = Application: Figuring Out What That Text Means Today 

“My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  It was very informative as well as entertaining and inspiring.  We gained a wealth of knowledge and will use the ORIA method in our future Bible studies.  It was well worth the time we spent listening and learning from a great teacher. We would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain wisdom on how to better understand the Word of God.”

Robert Causey

Retired, Construction Company Owner

“Bruce’s course on studying the Bible is very informative. Even after being a Christian for years I now feel better equipped to study and interpret scripture.  In addition, Bruce also brought a great sense of humor to his teaching.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to grow in their spiritual life.”

Janice Ketner

Administrative Assistant to the Pastors, LifePark Church