Welcome to my free course on how to “Study the Bible Like a Pro.” Each week’s module that you’re about to listen to builds upon the previous week(s) so you’ll definitely want to go through this course sequentially. After you’ve viewed it for the first time, feel free to come back and review certain modules to make sure you own the concepts I cover (just don’t skip modules the first time through).

In addition, since both of my parents were educators I really like fill-in-the-blanks worksheets (they keep you more engaged and attentive, as well as increase your retention) so you’ll want to print out each of the module handouts BEFORE you start listening to any given module. Oh, and one last thing. None of this matters if you don’t apply what you’re learning. So make a commitment upfront that you’re going to do the homework each week in order that you actual implement what you’re learning. Enjoy!

Week 1 – Introduction and Overview

how-to-study-the-bible-like-a-pro-introduction-001In week one, you’ll learn the process that the pros use to interpret their Bible. You’ll also learn some of the key principles about interpretation and some of the more common mistakes a lot of believers make when they try to interpret their Bibles. To view session one, click on the image or the title for Week 1.



Week 2 – The Principles of Interpretation

learning-to-be-a-master-interpreter-week-two-001In week two, you’ll learn the fourteen key principles that will allow you to more accurately interpret any passage in your Bible, along with a series of “rookie mistakes.”